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Direct Communicator

Six Months CRJ Single Journey Program Only $99.95

Web Based Publicity, Promotions, and Church Member Communication

 for your Church Renewal Lay Weekend

CRJ Message Board Program Brochure: HERE

NOTE: After completing the above payment process and you've received your payment confirmation e-mail you are required to complete our program setup questionnaire. This step is required so we may complete the setup and customization of your church's Direct Communicator program. --- CLICK HERE to open and answer the required setup questions.  (You will only be allowed to submit this form once) 

You will receive your program's login information within a welcome e-mail message within 24-48 hours after we've receive your payment and completed program setup questionnaire.

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Should you have questions or interested in knowing more about our Direct Communicator program

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Local: (706) 864-4055


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