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WELCOME  to the New 2020 CRJ Message Board

All new and re-registering Team Members MUST register as a "First Time User"

CRJ Background Checks have been requested but are now REQUIRED to serve as Active Team Members. (not required for inactive team members)  

                       SCHEDULE OF CHURCH RENEWAL ACTIVITIES   2021-2022                

 DATE          CHURCH NAME     TYPE ACTIVITY        CITY          ST     PASTOR 

1/1-3/21          Fort Caswell                        NC CRJ Conference             Oak Island      NC        Chuck Register               

3/2/21             Altoona FBC                        PEW Zoom Training             Altoona           PA        George Sanders

4/30-5/2/21   Altoona FBC                         Prayer/Empowering Wkd       Altoona           PA       George Sanders6/13/21                                      

6/13/21           Snow Camp Baptist            CR    J Overview                   Snow Camp     NC         Kevin Byers

6/27/21           Campfield Memorial            Awakening PGT                   Ellenboro         NC         Nick King

7/28/21            Yadkin  Baptist                    Commissioning PGT            Statesville       NC        Phillip Crider

8/27-29/21      Campfield Memorial          Awakening Weekend              Ellenboro          NC        Nick King

9/17-19/21      Westside Baptist                 Prayer/Empowering Wkd       Red Springs     NC       Randy Locklear

10/10/21          Pleasant Valley Baptist      CRJ Leadership Overview        Waycross         GA       David Marshal

11/2-4/21        IL Baptist Convention        CRJ Display & Breakouts         Springfield          IL        Nate Adams

11/8-9/21        NC Baptist Convention      CRJ Display and Breakouts   Greensboro   NC       Todd Unsinker

11/21/21          Morgan Baptist                   PEW Overview                    Bedford             VA       David Turner

12/4-5/21        Morgan Baptist                   Prayer/Empowering Wkd  Bedford             VA       David Turner

1/18/22            North Brook Baptist            Awakening Weekend PGT Cherryville        NC       Robert Wise

1/23/22            Pleasant Valley Baptist        Awakening Weekend PGT   Waycross         GA       David Marshall

1/30/22            Peace Baptist                      Prayer/Empowering PGT     Zebulon           NC       Mark Cottrell

2/4-6/22           North Brook Baptist             Awakening Weekend        Cherryville         NC       Robert Wise

3/11/22            Campfield Memorial            Equipping/Commissioning   Ellenboro        NC      Nick King

3/25-26/22       Calvary Baptist                   NCBOM Mission Conf    Winston Salem     NC       Richard Brunson

4/1-3/22            Pleasant Valley Baptist       Awakening Weekend        Waycross           GA       David Marshall

4/22-24/22       Pearce Baptist                   Prayer/Empowering Wkd    Zebulon            NC      Mark Cottrell

4/29-5/1/22      Yadkin Baptist                     Commissioning Wkd         Statesville          NC      Phillip Crider


 Before registering as a team member, you should first apply for your CRJ Background Application because you will need the date you applied as one of the answers on your registration as a verified ActiveTeam Member.  

 Click or Copy and Paste this Link in your browser for a CRJ Background Application

All 2020 serving Team Members are required to have an updated background check (updated every 3 years) 




Prayer Requests


CRJ Family, please join me in congratulating Joey and Genevieve Hamer in their new role as NC State Youth Coordinators. It has been a pleasure working with both of them during weekends and most recently, on the new Family Weekend. I am looking forward to how God will work through them engaging in and developing CRJ Youth for The Kingdom. 

God is in control

Kevin Kimrey
President BOMCRJF

Sunday Devotion

Prayer Focus

As Paul wrote to the church at Thessalonica, he implored them to pray unceasingly. I take this to mean that we are to be in an attitude of prayer at all times. 

Do you find that as you go through your day that you are speaking to the LORD  without being conscious of doing so? 

Prayer is so necessary in the life of the Christian, today more than ever. So as you go through the upcoming week, make a conscious effort to deliberately pray, to praise Him, and to thank God for all he has and will do.

 In Him, 

Bob Scott, CRJ Chaplin



Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." John 14:6

(News, announcements, posting schedules, photos, links to other websites, and more!)mmm

The new NC Baptist Lay Renewal Fellowship Officers are as follows...

Executive Director: Bob Foy

President: Kevin Kimrey

Vice President, Central: Robert Mock

Vice President, West: Rick Labaw

Vice President, East: Jimmy Beasley

Executive Admin: Angel Mock

Treasurer: Maxine Hare

Admin. Assist: Lynn Tharrington

CRJ Chaplin: Bob Scott

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Coming Events~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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